Offshore operations

At Carmen Solutions, we put together a world class offshore development team for an industry leading company in insurance, fintech, logistics etc. If you are interested in cost savings for your IT projects, we can rapidly scale up a dedicated and experienced team of developers for SQL, .net, BSA, QA etc.

When you hire us, you are hiring a premium offshore operations company.

Increase your productivity by outsourcing

The offshore outsourcing services of Carmen Solutions go well beyond just handling records. Our complete IT solutions, working with dedicated offshore team of strong skills IT professional assures the best of productivity. Our approach, proven results and methodology show it all:

Organized accounting services

Our proven suite of accounting services helps small, medium and large scale firms to concentrate on their core work procedures. By utilizing our offshore operations, you can focus on your industrial expertise while creating value for customer growth.

A service snapshot

Our services are like a wish list of an entrepreneur. Some of the offshore operations we can handle include bookkeeping, CPA services, sales tax management, payroll processing, daily data entry chores, account receivable, accounts reconciliation and many more.

Location is not an exception

No matter where your company is located, be it UK, US, Africa or Europe, we have the manpower and resources through which we can distribute equally our outsourcing solutions. We never overlook our services as short-term commitment and look forward to creating a long-term partnership despite your company’s location.

We stay up to date

When you are competing in the global market, the trends change faster than the seasons. Hence, we remain up-to-date with all the changing trends in the local as well as international market. When you have something new to tell us, we probably have already done our research on it and are usually ready with the solution to the problem.

Why chose Carmen solutions?

We have been a part of partnerships and projects with diverse clients across the globe. This denotes that we have some principles that make us the preferred choice for offshore operations outsourcing. Our methods hold true in accordance to our dedication to offshore services.

Every now and then, we take over important functions of your company to give you the opportunity to access high-level technologies. We also give you a chance to work on the reduction of overhead and infrastructure cost of your organization.

By outsourcing your premium offshore operations to us, you can easily get access to national and global resources. This is because we use the best-in-market business solutions to take care of your offshore operations. We provide you with an augmentation in the ability to respond quickly and act accordingly to ever-changing business trends. We give you the confidence to run your business hassle-free.