If you ever discussed the recruitment of the job of your parents, you might simply raise your eyebrows in bewilderment quite a few times. This is because a few decades ago, the process of recruitment involved sending letter or telegrams, visiting several workplaces and even filling forms, only to wait for years for the result to come.

But the tide has changed now. The digital storm has taken the world apart and the process of recruitment has not been unaffected by it. Needless to say, the recruitment in the digital world has encompassed various new techniques that not only make the process easier but also help companies identify and hire great talent.

One of the most prime ways of recruitment in today’s world is through the internet. The Internet has provided us with many benefits and recruitment portals are one of its thousand blessings. There are various hiring and job seeking portals on the web where as an employer; you can shortlist several candidates suiting your position. Identically, candidates or job seekers can search for companies that suit their requirements. This is a two-way beneficial method through which emerging companies are hiring great new talents and candidates are able to be placed in agencies or workplaces of their choice.

Company referrals and testimonies are another important means of recruitment that is utilized by large scale companies nowadays.

To understand it, let’s talk about a scenario. An HR needs to interview an employee for a major role in the company. If she searches about the candidate’s profile, she might be impressed. But if she gets a referral or positive feedback from another employee about the candidate she might easily make up her mind. The word of mouth matters in this case and is proved to be highly effective.

Also, there are various portals where people can give feedback and reviews. When a candidate searches for a company, he can also view the reviews and decide whether to go for the interview or not. Nowadays, the company also device policies, where if a worker refers someone for the job, he or she will get a sum amount of money. This motivates better hiring and derives quick results.

In a nutshell, we can resonate with the fact that digital tools and techniques have made hiring more important, short, quick and cost-effective. Also, the digital methods include proper examining and checking of the candidates including online docs check and biometric check. This further entails that the candidate has a safe background and is in no circumstances, a threat to the company. Furthermore, digital recruitment has made it easy to manage employee data over a period of time. It has given us possibilities that were hard to achieve earlier. This includes transparency, quality and superiority.

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